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How much does a conveyancer cost in Queensland

How much does a conveyancer cost in Queensland?

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When buying or selling a home in Queensland, there is a range of paperwork and processes that need to be looked after to ensure all documentation and processes are completed correctly. A conveyancer will assist in making sure everything is completed with access to a wealth of knowledge. We know what you’re thinking, that’s going to cost me an arm and a leg. I don’t know if I can afford to bring someone in right now.

We understand that bringing in a conveyancer and being hit with a montage of costs at the end is a major concern for your first home or investment property. Worry not, in this article we will break down the cost of hiring a conveyancer to assist you in either buying or selling your home in Springfield, Ipswich or Brisbane.


It doesn’t matter what stage of the sale you are at; it will cost you no different to bring in a conveyancer. Whether you have just put your house on the Queensland market or if you are half way through the process, the fee remains the same. The cost for a standard sale conveyance is a flat fee of $630.00 incl GST and outlays. This includes $603.80 in professional fees and $26.20 for a title search. An additional fee of $15.00 may be incorporated if you need proceeds to be deposited in a nominated account after settlement.


When purchasing any house, whether it’s your first, fifth or new investment property in Queensland, the purchasing process is constantly changing. Entering into one of the biggest financial decisions of your life without knowing the latest rules and regulations can cause major complications and consequences in the long run. By enlisting a conveyancer to know your legal rights when entering such an intricate contract, you’re ensuring that all aspects are properly taken care of.

Standard procedures for any house purchase that Springfield legal can assist with include:

  • Title search and check search
  • Registered plan
  • Land tax
  • Main roads search
  • Ipswich City Council rates only
  • Queensland Urban utilities

Other documentation may be required that a conveyancer will be able to assist with. That said, the standard professional fee for a conveyancer to help with purchasing is a flatt fee of $1,301.84 incl GST. This includes an $880.00 professional fee and standard searches for $421.84. Depending on which council you purchase within and what types of searches are required, additional charges may apply.

Value for Money

A conveyancer comes with industry knowledge and experience to ensure that your contract whether buying or selling your home goes as smoothly as possible. The potential areas for error and mistakes when dealing with large contracts regarding high valued assets can mean the difference between a nice new home and a new home with lots of legal issues.

Still not convinced that enlisting a conveyancer is the best financial investment you could make when buying or selling a home? Here are a few aspects of conveyancing that a professional will ensure are properly taken care of:

  • Reviewing the contract of sale
  • Arrangement of inspections
  • Understanding of specific strata requirements (if home incorporates strata)
  • Finance arrangements if required
  • Arranging and negotiating the contract of sale
  • Payment of deposits
  • Stamp duty management
  • Mortgage agreement preparation and examination
  • Ensuring any arrears or land taxes are covered
  • Checking if any other documentation is required such as swimming pool compliance
  • Checking if any government bodies have any land development planned that will affect the property
  • Sourcing any outstanding debates regarding the property e.g. fencing disputes or illegal structural work
  • Calculating council and water rates
  • Overseeing the change of title
  • Any final checks before settlement
  • Attending the settlement

When it comes to purchasing a home, you want to ensure that you’re doing it the right way. By bringing in a conveyancer at a standard flat fee, trust your biggest purchase of one of your greatest assets to the professionals. Get an industry professional with experience and knowledge under your belt to make the best purchasing and contract decisions.

Looking for a conveyancer in Queensland? Speak with our team at Springfield Legal to begin the process of finalising your next home purchase or sale.

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