Experts in Unfair Dismissal Claims

Loosing your job and income is a very difficult experience, it can create a lot of strain of other aspects of your life. If you have been stood down unfairly, you have every legal right to fight the  decision.

Our expert team specialises in unfair dismissal claims, we have an experienced and professional team on hand to support you in all aspects of a claim.

We have settled hundreds of cases for individuals and families just like you, and will leverage our legal skills and expertise to ensure you and your family have the best possible outcome.

We aim to protect the rights of you and your family and look for the most cost effective solution to ensure you and your family can resolve any issues in a quick and amicable manner.


21 Days to Lodge

You must act fast in unfair dismissal cases you have only 21 days to lodge your claim after you have received notice. 

Unfair Dismissals

An unfair dismissal happens when you are sacked in a harsh, unjust or unreasonable manner. Harsh means your dismissal was disproportionate to the offence that you committed. Unjust means your employer did not have a valid reason to sack you. Unreasonable is when your employer acted unreasonably when dismissing you, or you were not given procedural fairness.

Unlawful Dismissals

An unlawful termination happens when you are sacked for reporting your employer to a competent administrative authority, like an industry regulator, or if you participate in proceedings against your employer.

General Protections

As an employee, you have a number of protected rights – these are known as your general protections. If you are dismissed for exercising one of these workplace rights, the dismissal is considered unlawful, and you may be eligible to make a general protections claim.

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