Family Law & Domestic Violence

We understand that not all clients are able to pay private legal fees which is why Springfield Legal Service are on the panel of Legal Aid Queensland as a preferred supplier.  We can advise on your eligibility for legal aid, submit an application for legal aid on your behalf and assist you with your legal problem and represent you in court.  The areas in which we undertake legal aid work is only for Family Law & Domestic Violence.

Springfield Legal Service can provide assistance for a range of matters relating to family law and de facto relationships, including:

 – Divorce & separation

 – De Facto relationships

 – Binding Financial Agreements

 – Spousal maintenance

 – Child living arrangements

 – Division of property, superannuation and assets

 – Family Dispute Resolution

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Starting a relationship

For many individuals starting a relationship, or entering into a new phase of a current one, can be incredibly exciting but daunting at the same time. When two people move forward towards a shared life together, this often involves the sharing and inter-mingling of finances and resources. To avoid the potential unpleasantness of a long and bitter court battle in the event of separation, couples have the option of making decisions early on about what is to happen should they go their separate ways. Whether married or in a de facto relationship, those looking to provide certainty or protect their assets in the event of separation may wish to consider a Binding Financial Agreement, more commonly known as a prenup or prenuptial agreement. Springfield Legal Service is well experienced in drafting and negotiating Binding Financial Agreements (prenuptial agreements) in Australia, for clients prior to marriage, prior to commencing a relationship.

Ending a Relationship

Entering into the world of separation can be one of the most challenging and difficult times in a person’s life. This can be compounded in circumstances where both people go through different stages of grief at different times, causing many inter-personal and inter-family issues. For some people, separation or divorce can be complicated. It is important to know that the choices that you make early on can impact on the outcome for you, your children, property and even your business later on in a range of ways. It is vitally important in the case of separation that individuals obtain independent legal advice from a trusted advisor about your rights and obligations at law. Springfield Legal Service can guide you through the initial stages of separation to a final resolution and assist you in navigating the issues that arise in between.

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