You have finally signed the deed of sale and have officially sold your home! Now that the complicated part is over, you now have to tackle the next stage in the effort to sell your home, which is the conveyancing process. This process may take up to a few weeks to a few months, depending on the mortgage lender chosen by the buyer, and other factors.

While there is no way to give a specific timeline at this stage of the home sale process, as the seller in the transaction, your best bet to make the conveyancing part of the sale easier is to hire a conveyancing solicitor to represent you. However, even if you have gotten out of the way, there are still quite a few tasks you need to take care of before you can call it a day. The good news is that there are tactics to help speed up the process.


Tips to Make the Conveyancing Process Quick and Easy

Once you have affixed your signature on the final contract or document, you may feel relieved. However, the process is far from over. Here are a few of the most important things that you need to consider when you sell your home.


1 – Internet and Phone Services

Remember that just because the sale of your home has been finalised does not mean that your internet and phone service will automatically get transferred to your new home. You have to manually go to your internet and phone provider to let them know that they need to cut off service from the home that you sold and transfer your lines to your new place.


2 – Gas and Power

Gas and electricity are another set of services that you need to cut off are your electricity and gas services. Make sure that on the settlement date, you have these services cut off and ready to be transferred to your new home.


3 – Mailing Address

The mailing address that you have listed for any magazine subscriptions and billing letters may still be listed under the address of the home you have just sold. Updating your mailing and billing address is another important task you need to do when you sell your home.


4 – Address on Driver’s License

Your driver’s license will also need to be updated because the address you may have listed on there may be the same address as the home you sold. 


5 – Update Your Employer

You may also need to update your employer and the information that you have provided on your work files. Replacing the old address with your new one will be essential, especially if you need to receive work-related mail.



Although this is not an all-inclusive list of all the things you need to do when you sell your property. However, you are now aware of how you must get rid of any connections you have at the property you have just sold. Working with an lawyer that specialises in conveyancing will help ensure that you get all the nitty gritty, the final stage of the sale will go more quickly than you realize.

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