For a majority of Australians, some concepts and ideas will most definitely bring legalities into the equation in some way or form. Whether it’s a contract for a home purchase, the signing of papers for a new job, or even simply an affidavit of loss, the number of ways that legal matters can come up is nearly endless.

Each of these situations come with their respective legal solutions—ranging from law firm consultations to contract drafting—all of which have their own level of importance in one way or another.

While each circumstance may differ, however, there’s one service that many Australians are very well-familiar and all-too acquainted with: the services of a notary public.

What are Notary Publics?

Although they may not necessarily be familiar at first, notary publics play a crucial role in ensuring the legality of any agreement or contract. They essentially help ensure that the rights and obligations of both parties are met and bound by law.

Notary publics are entrusted by law with the responsibility of acting as a witness and a certifying entity for various kinds of legal matters which are typically used both locally and overseas. It is for this exact reason that many businesses and trading firms have relied on these professionals in time and memorial, as they ensure the legality of any situation while assuring protection in all kinds of agreements.

Beyond merely affixing their signature and acting as a witnessing party to a particular document, however, notaries are also required to fully examine the contents of a written agreement and ensure that it’s legally sound. The services of these legal professionals become even more essential for agreements and transactions that deal with a significant amount of money—as the need for protection grows even greater as the figures involved increase!

How are they appointed in the first place?

Legally speaking, a notary in Queensland can only practice their profession if they are appointed by the Court of Faculties in England whilst under the guidance of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Before being certified, however, aspiring practitioners must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of the practice through a comprehensive course—which must be taken on top of a prerequisite law degree. Beyond a demonstration of knowledge, notaries that are eligible for practice must also be pre-existing legal practitioners that can also show their need for an appointment.

When must their services come in?

The services of a notary public are required in legal documents that must be notarized, as these must be examined for all the legal implications it carries. Here are some of the most common situations where the services and expertise of notaries must be brought in:

  • When the incorporation of a company needs to be verified for a document
  • When a company’s power to execute a document must be validated before execution
  • When the identity or citizenship of a signing party needs to be verified alongside the provided means of identification
  • When the appointment of a company director and their capability or eligibility to sign a document on the behalf of a corporation must be verified



For most businesses and corporate entities, one of the most important professionals to request the services of is a notary public—as they can help maintain and assure the legality of a majority of deals at all times. By getting familiar with the vitality of a notary public’s role in every single contract that you sign and execute, you’ll be able to protect your business while making even more profit and closing deals within the security of the law! Looking for a reputable notary public in Ipswich to help you with your business transactions? At SIS Legal, we’re a law firm in Queensland that specializes in family law, business conveyancing, income protection and succession planning for all kinds of clients. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can best help you!