If you are in your 30’s a will is probably one of the last things you are considering having done in the near future. There are a few situations that would merit arranging a will now.

  • Married or in a DeFacto Relationship – you need a will;
  • Have children – you need a will;
  • Well off or have a lot of valuable assets – you need a will;
  • Have your own Business – you need a will;
  • Single and living week to week – you don’t need a will (yet).

What is a Will?

Wills are designed to be a legal binding document that allows you to divide up your assets how you see fit after you have passed away, wills can stipulate the following:


You can choose who the beneficiaries are in your will, if you die suddenly, they will receive the assets from your estate as per the will. If you die without a will the relevant state or territory decides who receives your assets.

Care of Infant Children:

If you have infant children, a will allows you to appoint selected guardians of them.


Allows you to appoint a person to administer your estate and also follow through with your funeral arrangements.

Maintaining a Family Business:

A will can ensure that a family business can continue to operate after you have passed away.

Charitable Donations:

If you would like some of you assets donated to a charitable cause, a will allows you to arrange this.

Wills are an extremely important document in terms of administering your estate based on your wishes after you have passed away. It will protect your children, your loved ones and family from potential challenges of your assets.

It will provide them a less stressful experience if you suddenly pass away, as your estate is not up for contention and allow them to go through the grieving process without the added weight of a legal battle to administer your assets.

SLS provide specialist legal advice for all types of family law, Will’s are no exception we provide a set fee service at a reasonable rate and have completed wills for 100’s of families in the Springfield Lakes area.

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