Writing a will isn’t just about listing down your assets and identifying their respective beneficiaries. Like any legal document, your will needs to be precise and accurate about its terms to be considered a valid testament for distributing your estate. All these formalities and more is exactly why you need to hire a wills and estate lawyer to lend you a hand.


Getting a professional’s help for professional output

It’s not uncommon for some people to be reluctant to hire a legal expert regarding wills and estates. Unfortunately, bringing this can lead to issues with dispersal of the will and the possibility for contention and stress after you passing. Its normally more important for most people that their passing be about the grieving period and a cherish their memory rather then be a cumbersome ordeal fraught with legal danger, 

If you’re second guessing  hiring a will and estate lawyer, here are three benefits they can offer to make you think otherwise:

1. Follows all legal requirements

All legal processes follow strict formats, deadlines, and manners of submission. This applies to all courts, regardless of where you are in the world. Since every court system varies, it’s necessary to have a local expert familiar with the ins and outs presenting a will and ensuring that it conforms to legal requirements. While your family is grieving your passing, a will and estate lawyer can oversee the official documents you left behind to execute your will in effect.

2. Prevents any potential risk in contesting your will

Leaving a clear set of directives of your inheritance’s distribution won’t always go smoothly. There are cases when people close to you can contest the will if they believe they have an unfair share of your wealth. For example, individuals with multiple partners and ex-wives should prepare for any potential claims of past relationships. The court can modify or overrule your directives if they can give enough evidence of their supposed right to greater wealth. For these reasons, it’s necessary to hire a lawyer with a deep background in family and wills and estate law to create a solid draft for your will.

3. Ensures the validity of your will

One way to contest your will is by arguing about its legitimacy. Since you will be unable to testify the validity of presented wills in court, a will and estate lawyer can guarantee it for you. These testators have a thorough understanding of your true and authentic will since they’ll be working with you every step of the way. They will know who your heirs are, your relationship with them, and what properties and assets they will receive. Additionally, these individuals have a commitment to your contract, ensuring that you will get the rightful service you deserve even after your passing.



Having a will before you pass away ensures that you will have a say in your asset’s distribution once you’re gone. Even if you have only a small business to pass on to your inheritors, it still needs to undergo the court’s due process to consider it legitimate. Without a legally sound will, the Australian courts get to decide on the validity of your non-represented beneficiaries’ claim. Thankfully, a well-drafted will with a legal expert’s aid should clear up any possible contentions.

Hiring a reliable legal expert should save you plenty of potential legal altercations after your passing. At Springfield Legals, we keep our clients’ trust with the utmost respect in handling family-related business affairs. If you need to work with a wills and estate lawyer in Ipswich, contact us today!