Many different things may prompt a person to seek advice from a family lawyer before their marriage or relationship ends or even before the separation begins. It is always a good idea to find out as much as you can about family law so that you will be prepared if your relationship ultimately ends.

Reasons to Seek Legal Separation Advice Before Separating

1 – Unilateral Decisions by Other Partner

As previously mentioned, separation can occur when one partner does something to negatively impact the other partner. Unilateral decisions taken without consultation can be damaging, especially when the other partner disagrees with the decision. For example, if one partner is seeking to sell a family home or make some other significant financial decision without discussion or notice, the other partner may want to seek separation advice.

2 – Financial Pitfalls

A person may also seek separation advice if they suspect that their partner is taking steps to hide money or assets in order to protect their own financial situation. It is important to know that if a person has a pre-existing legal agreement with their partner, they may be able to fight the alleged hiding of assets. This may include a prenuptial agreement, guaranteed gift letter, or other arrangements. A legal professional can help them understand what they need to know.

3 – Abuse and Violence

Domestic violence and abuse can occur in both married and common law relationships, and it is not necessarily the case that only one partner is abusive. Anyone in a relationship, who feels that their partner is abusive toward them, should seek separation advice. Most family lawyers have experience with this type of matter and can explain to their partner what they can do.

4 – Improper Sharing of Parenting Time

Many parents share in the responsibilities of raising their children, but one might be at a disadvantage because of the way the other parent is sharing parenting time. One parent may be spending more time with the child or in control of important decisions. For example, the parents may be able to agree on regular parenting time. However, if one parent fails to follow the agreement, the other parent may want to seek separation advice.

5 – Dissolving a Partnership

Many couples who are not yet married decide to dissolve their partnership. They go through a lot of the same steps as married couples, including conflict and discussions about what will happen to the common property. This is a common reason to seek separation advice.

6 – Inability to Communicate

Marital and common law partners often face long periods of time when they aren’t able to see each other. Domestic violence, abuse, and financial issues can cause a lot of tension, and couples often don’t see each other much unless there is a problem. This can be a good reason to seek separation advice to ensure that both partners are on the same page.


Are you considering separation? If you are, it is always a good idea to seek legal advice as a first step. A family lawyer will be able to discuss the problems and help you figure out what your next step should be. Whether you decide to get divorced or not, a separation agreement is often a good idea so that you will both know what to expect for the future.

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