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Who to notify after moving house

When you move you should notify the following of your new address (as applicable):

  1. Your bank(s) or building societies or other financial institutions;
  2. The Australian Electoral Office;
  3. The electricity authority;
  4. The gas authority (if gas is supplied)
  5. Insurance Companies (Life, Motor vehicle, Superannuation);
  6. Your work pay department;
  7. Credit card Authorities;
  8. Your local Post Office (redirect your mail for a period after you move and advise your former landlord or purchaser of your new address);
  9. The Department of Transport – motor vehicle registration and your driver’s licence;
  10. The Queensland Ambulance Service;
  11. The Australian Taxation Office;
  12. Any hire purchase company;
  13. Any firm or company with whom you have a warranty with such as for your car, electrical appliances etc;
  14. Phone Company (local, STD, ISD, mobile);
  15. Pay Television Company;
  16. Any Solicitors who hold documents (especially Wills and Deeds) for you;
  17. CentreLink;
  18. Your Accountant/ Tax Agent;
  19. Any periodicals/ magazines;
  20. The Secretary of any Club/Association of which you are a member;
  21. RACQ;
  22. Any Local Authority, Valuer-General and Land Tax Commissioner for all other land/houses which you own;
  23. Relatives, Neighbours and Friends.

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