Buying or selling a property can be pretty exciting, but it is not as simple as you hope it might be. The procedure can be complicated, from finding the right property on your budget to processing all the documents needed. 

For your transaction to be successful, you need to understand all of the details involved—even at just a basic level. Buying and selling property in Australia can complicate the process as property laws may vary from State to State. It can be discouraging, especially for first-time home buyers, to purchase a property, since the terminologies and ever-changing process may be hard to navigate.

Hiring a property conveyancer, such as our specialists at GLG Legal Springfield, can make the process smoother for both sellers and buyers. These licensed professionals have a thorough understanding of everything you need to know about the real estate selling and buying process. In fact, if you live in Queensland, their presence is required before you proceed with a transaction. 

How Hiring a Conveyancer Can Help You

If you are curious about how a conveyancer can help you, here are some of their functions in the process:

1: We Prepare the Important Documents on Your Behalf

Every real estate transaction requires legal documents, and that requirement varies per State. For a person who is either too busy or unfamiliar with the paperwork they need to prepare, this can be a daunting task. A conveyancer can do this job for you. 

Our professionals can take care of your title deeds, copy of the lease, property information form, and also conduct extensive searches – to name a few. With our help, you can also see any encumbrances in the property you plan to purchase. Unless you can do these things yourself, hiring a knowledgeable person to do it can be a more efficient choice.

2: We Provide the Necessary Guidance Especially for First-Time Buyers

All transactions come with a contract, whether you plan to sell or buy a property. You need to sign one before proceeding with the process. However, even if you read through the contract and try to understand its conditions, you might encounter specific clauses that use simple and straightforward language but imply a different meaning. 

A common example of that would be the clause “subject to finance.” This simple phrase can have a different interpretation depending on how the word ‘finance’ was defined in the contract. Having someone familiar with real estate and financing language can ensure that you are given an explanation on everything you need to know about the document you are to sign. We can help you avoid any difficult clauses found in your contract. 

3: We Take Care of the Property Transfer

The property would only be yours officially once all documents are legally transferred to your name. The conveyancer can take care of this on your behalf. At GLG Legal Springfield, we would ensure that all the documents meet the state’s legal requirements and that no important documents are left behind. 

4: We Can Represent You During Settlement

Part of the conveyancer’s job is to coordinate and request a settlement meeting to hand over the official documents and cheques to your home seller or buyer. In return, your conveyancer would receive the keys to your new property, the money, and the papers for the property you sold. 

The settlement is the final step before fully owning or handing over the property, and the conveyancer has the power to handle it for you. Moreover, they can also ensure that the transaction is clean, and you can start your life anew with peace of mind. 


The conveyancer relieves any property seller and buyer from all the stress related to property buying. Once you finalise a property you want to buy or a buyer you want to entertain, you can leave the rest of the tasks to your conveyancer. They would also ensure that you are in the loop and updated on the progress. 

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