Selling a Property in Springfield, Ipswich & Brisbane


Selling a Property in Springfield, Ipswich or Brisbane can be stressful, so we have a fixed price conveyancing guarantee, no matter what stage you are at of selling your property, it is time to put this important transaction in the hands of an expert.

Whether you have just decided to put your property on the market, you have an interested Buyer or you have secured a signed Contract, we suggest contacting Springfield Legal Service as soon as possible. We believe that ‘knowledge is power’ therefore we can give you sound legal advice which will make you knowledgeable about every step of the sale process.

Are you aware of your contractual rights as a Seller? What if the Buyer requests extensions? What do I need to do to release my mortgage? Wouldn’t you rather be fully aware of the process and have us with you every step of the way?


Selling Fees

Our standard professional fees for a sale conveyance is $630.00 incl GST and outlays. Depending on your instructions during the course of your conveyancing an additional fee of $15.00 may be applied if you require sale proceeds to be deposited into your nominated account following settlement.

A settlement agent will be in additional cost which is calculated based on the venue for settlement.




Professional Fees (incl GST)


Outlay for title search (if required)


Total (est)

Buying a Property in Springfield, Ipswich & Brisbane


Whether you have found your first home, your new home, your first investment property or your 5th  the buying process and the process involved is forever changing and this will more often than not be the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make.

So making an offer and entering into a Contract without knowing your legal rights can have long term consequences on your finances and general life.

If you are not familiar with the process, it could take you weeks to complete the documents, let alone understand the documents. Would you know what to look for?

The legal documents are such a small part of purchasing a property, Springfield Legal Centre can assist you with the following, just to name a few.


Purchase Fees

We confirm our standard professional fees for a purchase conveyance is $880.00 inc GST. Once you factor in outlays and standard searches, this amount comes to approximately $1,300.00 but may be subject to variation, depending on the searches you require and the local council you are intending on purchasing within.

A settlement agent will be in additional cost which is calculated based on the venue for settlement.




Professional Fees (excl GST)


Standard searches


Total (est)


We note the standard searches are compulsory and these include:

  1. Title Search + Check Search;
  2. Registered Plan;
  3. Land Tax;
  4. Main Roads Search;
  5. Ipswich City Council Rates Only; and
  6. Queensland Urban Utilities.

If you have any further queries, please let us know. We look forward to receiving a draft of the contract to look over before you sign.


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